Professional technical sprayers Water supplier Hydra Super

Water supplier HYDRA SUPER with built-in hand pump for supplying water under pressure for use in construction works, e.g. wet drilling with diamond core bits or other core drill bits, concrete saws and grinding wheels. The device can be used on sites without access to water mains where a specific amount of water is required to maintain the required temperature of the tool. A perfect tool for professionals for cutting and drilling hard construction materials (rock, bricks, concrete and reinforced concrete). Sprinkler nozzle can be used to water and spray plants and to clean construction machines and equipment, tools, scaffolding, surfaces after plastering, surfaces at height and any surfaces with limited access to water.

Water supplier HYDRA SUPER with built-in hand pump features a braided hose (4,5 m long ϕ8 mm) for improved durability and pressure resistance. A quick-release fitting for easy connection to construction site equipment. 


Sprinkler nozzle - switch easily between sprinkler or washer nozzle
Practical funnel - for easy tank filling
Safety valve - pressure under control
4,5 m long hose  (ϕ8mm) with improved durability
Quick-release fitting - for easy connection to construction site tools and equipment
Transparent water level indicator - for easy dispensing
Convenient harness - for comfortable prolonged use (can be fitted in two positions)
Protective ring - for tank protection against mechanical damage
Feet - for stable positioning and easy pumping


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