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Kwazar Corporation Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading plastics processors and manufacturer of sprayers in Poland. Machine park, which gives enormous productive capabilities, makes Kwazar not only a producer of its own products, but a plastics converting platform with tremendous potential.

Thanks to its extensive distribution network, the products manufactured under Kwazar brand reach about 100 countries globally today, including Algeria, England, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Arab Emirates, Estonia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Columbia, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico,   Madagascar, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, as well as USA and Italy.

Kwazar Corporation Sp. z o.o. carries out the project co-financed from the European Funds consisting in participation in exhibitions, fair trade shows and economic missions on selected foreign markets. The aim of the project is to promote the technical products of Cleaning Pro+ sprayers series and to extend the export activities beyond the EU markets as China, Turkey and the USA, which will create new growth prospects and will enable the company to expand its business activities.

EU co-financing of the project is 188 148,00PLN

Leading horticultural producer in Poland
  • a Polish company with tradition and over 28 years of experience in manufacturing
  • production of plastic products for various industries
  • a wide range of products: a large selection of garden products, i.e. professional garden sprayers, a technical series, hobby sprayers, accessories for sprayers, snow shovels and universal shovels, insect traps, products for road engineering
  • large production capacity (e.g. Development of products from scratch),
  • own machine park (products are manufactured in Poland, capacities from 0.5L to 1500L, production of details weighing from 0.2 kg to 34 kg)
  • global brand, recognized on different continents
  • extensive business experience in both the Polish and international markets (the sales department sells in the country as well as abroad)
  • a team of qualified and experienced professionals, engineers and practitioners - a prototyping department, an engineering department and an R&D department, own tool shop, new machine park (refreshed periodically)
  • continuous investments in technologies and workforce
  • flexibility and on-time delivery
  • innovative technology solutions in products
  • achievements - over 25 years, the company was frequently awarded/distinguished at trade fairs and international events
  • rapid and trouble-free service
  • minimum (statistical) number of complaints (ISO 9001)
  • subsidiaries in the UK
Kwazar in numbers

Machine park, which gives enormous production capacity, makes Kwazar Corporation Sp. o.o. is not only production of own products, but a platform of plastics processing with huge possibilities. The company currently executes many individual orders, both for the domestic market and for foreign markets.


Creation of the first sprayer

Market share

Leader of the horticultural industry in Poland


Distributors in Poland

7.9 MLN

For investments from 2011


In the production process we pay special attention to quality and production technology. Thanks to well-designed and very detailed quality control procedures, we are confident that the market will find products that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

The quality of our products is confirmed by the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate, but above all, it is widely acknowledged by our customers all over the world.


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