Professional garden sprayers Feeria fuchsia

Let more colour into your garden! Sprayer in the colour of energetic fuchsia designed for plant care on the terrace, balcony and in the garden. Thanks to the combination of minimalist shapes with bold colours, it will please the eye of every plant lover and will bring even more colours and positive energy to the garden.

The sprayer has a capacity of 1.5 L, optimal for plant care in the garden, on the terrace and balcony. It has a number of useful functions, such as 360° system that allows spraying at any position of the tank (even when it is turned upside down). Thanks to the adjustable spray ending, it is easier to get to the hard-to-reach places, and the adjustable nozzle will allow you to set the degree of the liquid atomization - mist or stream.

Feeria sprayers are available in four colours inspired by the colours of the garden - energetic fuchsia, mint green, pink magnolia and lavender violet. They are packed in an elegant and ecological box, making them a great gift idea!


360˚ system – spraying at any position of the tank
adjustable spray ending - setting the spraying type (mist or stream)
adjustable nozzle – getting to the hard-to-reach places
safety valve – pressure always under control
visible fluid strip – easier dosing and controlling the fluid level in the tank
base ring – stabilization and protection of the bottle against mechanical damage  
extended warranty – 3 years warranty on the tank

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    for the care of potted plants
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    for the care of garden plants


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